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Our Chunky Yarn Guide | Woolly Mahoosive Yarn Inspiration | Easy Things To Make With 7 Chunky Yarns

Chunky yarn guide

Our Chunky Yarn Guide | Woolly Mahoosive Yarn Inspiration | What Can You Make With Chunky Yarn

If you are new to chunky yarns, this is the chunky yarn guide for you. You may be familiar with standard yarn weights: Worsted, DK (Double Knit), Aran and Chunky, you may have even come across Super Chunky. Well, we are getting warmer with the latter of super chunky yarns! Our chunky yarns are off the scale!

The sorts of super chunky yarns that are more readily available through well known retailers tend to need a 10-12mm kitting needles or crochet hook. And that is where our scale of chunky yarns begins, at 10-12mm.

Below we explain our chunky yarns in order of chunkiness of yarn, from smallest to biggest and, most importantly (we think), give you some much needed chunky yarn inspiration so that you can see just what you can make with super chunky yarn!


Super Chunky Merino Balls

Our littlest of our chunky yarns, our chunky merino is 100% pure, very soft and incredibly easy to knit or crochet. A great chunky yarn for beginners as you can really see the stitches very easily and your project will be a quick one because of the chunkiness of this yarn.

Needle Size: 10-12mm

Hook Size: 10-12mm

Here’s some chunky yarn inspiration of what you can make with our super chunky merino yarn:


Squiggly Super Chunky Yarn

Let’s go bigger and chunkier! Meet Squiggly, a super soft and machine washable chunky yarn, perfect for creating crochet or knitting with big stitches. Think oversized chunky knit blankets, chunky knit scarves and chunky knitwear or other handmade knitted home items. Complete your knitting or crochet project in no time with this super sized chunky yarn!

Needle Size: 25mm

Hook Size: 25mm

Now for your hit of inspiration of what you can make with our super chunky yarn Squiggly:


Wiggly Giant Yarn 

Super chunky giant yarn in 3 colour choices: Mauve, Teal or Bronze. This chunky yarn works well for making chunky knit blankets, chunky knit scarves, hats and household items such as a giant knitted throw for your bed or sofa.

Needle Size: 20mm

Needle Size: 25mm

Hook Size: 20mm

Hook Size: 25mm

Twisty Twisty | For Knitting Chunky Blankets

An extremely chunky yarn with a 3 ply twist to it. Great for knitting or crocheting chunky blankets, bed runners.

twisty chunky yarn blanket

25mm crochet hook

25mm x 350mm knitting needles

25mm x 500mm knitting needles 

40mm crochet hook

40mm x 500mm knitting needles

40mm x 750mm knitting needles 


Super Mahoosive Chenille Chunky Yarn 

Our super chunky chenille has a squishy texture and is soft to touch. Using giant knitting needles you can create a chunky knit or chunky crochet project in no time at all. You have a lot of flexibility with technique with this yarn as you can choose 25-40mm giant crochet hooks or knitting needles as well as using finger knitting, finger crochet or arm knitting techniques. Makes wonderfully snuggly chunky throws and chunky blankets for you or for your pets!

25mm hook

40mm hook

25mm knitting needles

40mm  knitting needles

From chunky crochet pet beds to chunky knit blankets, here’s what you can make with our chunky chenille yarn:

Get Stuffed Too | Tube Yarn

A durable tube yarn with a smooth cotton outer and super squishy polyester filled inner. Make chunky knitted mats, crochet baskets or pet beds and more with this compactable, machine washable, versatile chunky yarn. See below for inspiration on what to make with tube yarn.

Giant Smooth Ribbon Yarn

If you are looking for a luxury chunky yarn, our giant smooth ribbon yarn is for you. It has a low lustre sheen finish and a four way stretch, made with double knit polyester fabric. The giant smooth ribbon chunky yarn looks great when knitted, crocheted or arm knitted into chunky blankets or even fashion pieces. Here are some images to inspire you if you are wondering what to do with this giant smooth ribbon yarn:

Needle/Hook Size: 25-40mm

25mm hook

40mm hook

25mm knitting needles

40mm  knitting needles


Also check out Sarah Shrimpton’s Blog for the Crochet Circle Bag Pattern Using the Giant Smooth Ribbon Yarn HERE 


And there we have it! Our run down of chunky yarns available at Woolly Mahoosive! As always, we love to see what you get up to with your chunky yarns, so do tag us on Instagram @woollymahoosive and #makeitmahoosive 


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chunky yarn guide


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