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Twisty Twisty | Super Chunky 3 Ply Yarn | 500 Grams


Super chunky 3 ply yarn. Meet Twisty Twisty!

A very chunky yarn with a twist!  It looks beautiful knitted or crocheted into a chunky blanket or bed runner, perfect for that oversized stitch look.

Product Information

Super Chunky 3 Ply Yarn

Blend: Acrylic
Length: 24 meters per 500 grams
Thickness: 2cm wide, 3 ply
Needle/Hook Size: 25mm-40mm
Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle, slow and cool cycle, dry flat, no tumble dry


40mm Knitting Needles

As a guide, when casting on, 1 stitch is 4cm approx.

We hope the following information helps your project.

Bed Runner (180cm x 60cm): 5 x 500 Grams
Blanket (100cm x 100cm): 5 x 500 Grams
Blanket (120cm x 90cm): 5 x 500 Grams
Blanket (135cm x 80cm): 5 x 500 Grams

40mm Crochet Hook

A foundation chain of 5, 5 double crochet rows = approx. 200g
Size: approx. 28cm x 28cm (11inch x 11inch)
1 row = 6cm / 2.4inch

25mm Knitting Needles

A cast on of 10 stitches, knit / purl 10 rows and cast off = approx. 350g
Size: approx. 36cm x 36xm (14inch x 14inch)
1 stitch = 3.5cm / 1.5inch.

25mm Crochet Hook
A foundation chain of 10, 10 double crochet rows = approx. 530g
Size: approx. 40cm x 40cm (16inch x 16inch)
1 row = 4cm / 1.6inch
(Note: when using 25mm to crochet Twisty Twisty, the result is quite rigid and dense, which may or may not be suitable for your project.)



40 X 500mm short knitting needles for up to approx. 24 stitches cast on (100cm wide)
40 X 750mm long knitting needles for approx. 40 stitches cast on (160cm wide) (caution! very heavy!)


25mm crochet hook

25mm x 350mm knitting needles

25mm x 500mm knitting needles 

40mm crochet hook

40mm x 500mm knitting needles

40mm x 750mm knitting needles