Extremely Chunky Yarn & Crafts

Woolly Mahoosive, the home of arm knitting, & chunky knit blanket supplies, evolved from a desire to find extremely chunky knitting yarn within the UK.


We are a chunky yarn specialist, based in the UK, supplying beginner friendly big yarns to both retail and wholesale customers worldwide. We are well known for our signature product: Mammoth® vegan acrylic arm knitting yarn and our supreme quality superfine giant 100% merino yarn for arm knitting. Both of which are popular with making chunky arm knitted blankets.

All of our kits and gifts focus on being accessible for beginners to chunky crafting; whether chunky crochet, chunky knitting or chunky macramé; we believe in keeping things simple and quick crafting for instant gratification!

We help you hone your chunky yarn skills through our blog with exclusive tips, video tutorials and patterns. Plus, we believe in supporting our fellow crafty businesses by promoting their workshops, particularly in arm knitting, through our workshop page and social media.

Our Beginnings…

Woolly Mahoosive started when Andrea, WM founder, wanted to find extremely chunky knitting yarn to try out the arm knitting trend for herself, however, there was a total lack of choice of suppliers selling giant knitting yarn in the UK. This meant high postage, import taxes and a long wait for delivery to obtain such specialist chunky yarn. So Andrea decided to bulk import stock herself to sell and Woolly Mahoosive was born!

Woolly Mahoosive started off with very humble beginnings in a small garage in North Yorkshire, and grew rapidly with the clear direction to supply yarn for extreme giant knitting or crochet for all to use.

Our Products…

Mammoth® – Arm Knitting
Andrea found that too often giant yarn was viewed as unaffordable, so starting with our leading product Mammoth® (our very affordable vegan acrylic giant arm knitting yarn) Andrea developed exclusive product ranges directly with suppliers and soon a collection of seriously chunky yarns at a variety of price points joined it;

Super Soft Giant 100% Merino – Arm Knitting
Also for arm knitting chunky blankets. It is a super smooth 19.5 Microns, softer than your average Merino out there, basically it is Mammoth’s more luxurious sister!

Get Stuffed – Arm Knitting
Our cheekily named giant cotton tube, stuffed full of polyester to create an irresistibly squishy yarn, also used for arm knitting and creating chunky yarn interior décor items.

Get Stuffed Too
At 2cm thick it is thinner than our original stuffed yarn, so not for arm knitting, but great for finger crochet, and giant needle knitting.

Super Mahoosive Chenille
Also suitable for arm knitting chunky knit blankets, our chenille is temptingly textured. Adding colour and texture to your home interior with a chunky knit blanket to complement your style.

Squiggly Super Chunky Yarn
A very versatile man made super chunky yarn, 70% acrylic and 30% polyester. A great thickness of yarn for a variety of projects; knit/crochet with 12mm/15mm needles/hooks or even double up the strands and use 25mm needles/hooks.

Wiggly Giant Yarn
A 30% wool / 70% acrylic blend, great for oversized chunky winter warmers such as a chunky knit scarf; the wool blend provides warmth without the itch. Use 20mm to 40 mm needles/hooks for this one.

Twisty Twisty Chunky Yarn
A 3 ply yarn that is so terrifically twisty we named it twice! Beautifully soft acrylic chunky yarn that you can knit or crochet with on 25mm-40mm needles/hook. Looks gorgeous as a chunky knit blanket with a twist!

Super Chunky 100% Merino Yarn Balls
The baby of the collection (being our littlest chunky yarn), and incidentally great for creating items for babies! This soft wool is still very much on the chunky side of things but very versatile to knit or crochet everyday items with. Use 10mm-12mm needles or hook, available in a lovely range of soft colours, 100 or 200 gram balls, perfect for creating chunky nursery blankets.


Chunky yarn, whether knitting or crochet has exploded as a knitwear trend, but that is not the only reason to go chunky. These giant yarns are ideal for those wishing to complete a project in next to no time. It is incredibly quick to whip up a blanket or scarf, often within an evening rather than slowly toiling over a project for weeks and weeks.

We love to see your chunky creations using our yarn, so do share them with us @woollymahoosive on Instagram, and hashtag #makeitmahoosive