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Superfine Giant Arm Knitting Merino Yarn | 19.5 Micron 100% Luxury Pure Unspun Wool


Giant Arm Knitting Merino Yarn.

This is giant 100% pure merino wool yarn for extreme knitting for making chunky knit big stitch blankets. At 19.5 micron, this merino is super soft. It can be felted before or after knitting to create a more robust product

Arm knit floor knit or use giant knitting needles to make a blanket in one evening.

Product Information


The recommended needle size is 40 to 50 mm, or Arm or floor knit.

Below is a guide to the amount of yarn required for various sized blankets.

Please note. These are approximate amounts and will depend on your tension, knitting method and needles size:

Blanket 30 x 50 inches — 75 cm x 125 cm approximately 2 kg

Blanket 48 x 48 inches —120 cm x 120 cm approximately 3 kg

Blanket 58 x 58 inches —150 cm x 150 cm approximately 4 kg

Bed runners

22 x 70 inches - 55 cm x 175 cm approximately 2 kg

25 x 75 inches - 65 cm x 190cm approximately 2.5 kg

35 x 85 inches 90 cm x 215cm 4kg

Knitting needles if required. Long

Knitting needles if required. Short.