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Heart or Star Wreath Making Kit – ‘Get Stuffed Too’ Yarn


Wreath making kit.

Makes a beautiful feature for your home, or a great gift for a loved one. Our ‘Get Stuffed Too’ yarn is made with polyester tube and filled with a cotton stuffing. At 2 cm thick it is thinner than our original ‘Get Stuffed’ yarn, making it a perfect choice for finger crochet. DIY Make Your Own project designed for beginners upwards or age 12 and up.



Product Information

Wreath making kit contains;

This kit is designed for finger crochet, but if you wish you can use a 25mm crochet hook. (not supplied within kit but can be bought separately: 25 mm crochet hook.

Kit contains: a star wreath frame, 550 grams of ‘Get Stuffed Too’ yarn (in your choice of colour) and full instructions.

To see the colours of our ‘Get Stuffed Too’ yarn.