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Simple Twist Crochet Headband | Chunky Merino Wool | Easy Chunky Crochet Beginner’s Project using 50 Grams Merino

Simple Twist Crochet Headband | Chunky Merino Wool | Easy Chunky Crochet Beginner’s Project
crochet headband with a twist centre

Crochet Headband: 100% Pure Merino Wool Chunky Yarn. Colours from left to right: Pewter, Mink, Ash, Mustard.

Lou models our crochet headband made using merino wool

Two year old Louisa models her autumn twist headband in colour Teal.












As the cooler temperatures creep in and then the weather quickly changes its mind again, we are left wondering what knitwear to throw on on a morning.

For example: one day this October, I left the house and it was 5 degrees and then the temperature sored to a high of 20 by school pick up! Crazy! Now almost into December, I’ve been tricked again by minus temperatures, a sprinkling of snow, ice and storms over the weekend… Today? 10 degrees when I got in the car to come to work.

A cool chill in the wind at times, but not yet cold enough for wrapping yourself up like a parcel with full winter warmer gear; hats, scarves, gloves…the lot.

At Woolly HQ, we have developed this cute twist crochet headband using our 100% Pure Merino Chunky Yarn to see you through the turbulent weather season. Made with pure merino wool yarn, which is fantastically temperature regulating and the band shape, rather than full hat, allows constant ventilation for when those temperatures can’t decide where to be; warm ears but not a sweaty head! Perfect!

We love the design of a simple twist to the centre, it feels very retro and our chunky merino yarn is available in a variety of soft shades to suit any colouring. Plus – using chunky yarn to crochet or knit with means you can whip up this crochet headband in no time. Half an hour for an experienced crocheter we reckon, it can really be that quick and simple!

The crochet headband also makes for a sweet little handmade Christmas present for friends and family.

Below is the pattern for a “Small” adult size, however you can easily customise the size to the fit that you prefer by chaining more or less stitches in the first step and even adapt the size for children.

We hope you enjoy making your own autumn twist headband. Let us see your creations by tagging us on Instagram @woollymahoosive



You will need:

Approx. 50g Chunky Merino Yarn (Sold in 100g or 200g)

12mm Crochet Hook

Adult Size: Small, head circumference approx. 55cm

CH36-38 (Check the size around your head and add more chains or take away if necessary

CH2, HTR in each stitch after the 2 chains. (40)

**CH 2, turn, HTR in each stitch. Repeat from ** for 4 rows.

CH1, DC in each.

Tie off and weave in ends.

Creating the twist: Make a ‘C’ shape at each end by folding in half, slot the ends together in a interlocking shape as pictured. Sew together making sure you are catching each layer. Tie off, weave in ends and turn inside out.

Interlocking the ends: Sew together using a darning needle as shown in the images below, ensuring you catch every layer of the work.


how to sew up crochet headband with a twist

Let us knot how your twist crochet headband turns out and how you are styling yours! Tag us on Instagram @woollymahoosive

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