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Bargain Arm Knitting Yarn Sale | Mammoth “Reject” yarn sale what is it? | 13 KG Bales Explained

Bargain Arm Knitting Yarn Sale | Mammoth “Reject” yarn sale what is it?







Clearance – Woolly Mahoosive Yarns Arm Knitting Yarn Sale 



Have you always fancied having a go at giant knitting?

Here at Woolly Mahoosive HQ, we do a lot of rolling! All our Mammoth giant yarn arrives to us in large shipping bales.

Each bale is a quarter of a tonne and contains 18 bales of approx. 13 kg each. Here is a delivery of Mammoth yarn, you can see 9 big bales of quarter of a tonne each.

So that is 162 bales of 13 kg each. And that is just the layer you can see. This delivery had 8 rows going to the back of the container.


The stock! All sorted and weighed and labeled.

So what is the ‘reject’ Mammoth and what can it be used for?

When we roll balls of giant yarn from 13 kg bales, shown below, we roll 1 kg balls up to 8 kg balls. These bales are compressed for shipping purposes, so as we get closer to the center of the bale it can become crimped and more difficult to roll. For that reason we do not continue rolling until the bale has ended, but we ‘reject’ them and pop them into our arm knitting yarn sale.

Each inner can be as little as 500 grams or as much as 2.6 kg. We will look at what is left before we continue rolling and decide if we can roll a ball and complete it before the yarn becomes crimped. Takes an expert eye!

Our normal Mammoth yarn is £18.50 per 1 kg ball. The ‘reject’ is priced at £6.85 . So it is around 63% discount. It also sells quickly so if you are wanting a particular colour, get in early.

So what can you do with it? Many people who buy from us on a regular basis and make blankets lightly steam the yarn, and although I haven’t tried this, apparently it works well. Lots of customers like the crimped look. It is also great for weavers, any crimping once weaved will not show. I have also seen it used for spinning and wall hangings. Its great for pompom making and many other craft uses too.

For a blanket arm knitted we would recommend approx. 2kg, for a cushion 1 kg. Pompoms can be made from as little as 10 grams. 1 kg of mammoth is approx. 50 meters.

So if you have always wanted to try giant yarn, click here for the Mammoth ‘reject’ arm knitting yarn sale page. Click here for our regular Mammoth.

Mammoth is vegan, machine washable and quick and easy to use.

We often post about our reject arm knitting yarn sale on our Instagram stories first, follow us to be in the know: Woolly Mahoosive. (@woollymahoosive) • Instagram photos and videos

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