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Arm Knitted Blankets or Chunky Throw | The Easy Way To Find Out How Much Arm Knitting Yarn You Need | 1KG -4KG

How to Arm Knit A Chunky Throw or Blanket

If you want to determine the amount of yarn you need for an arm knitted blankets or if you are arm knitting a chunky throw, there is a very simple calculation you can use. You need your desired measurements of the item you are wanting to make in cm. If you then multiply the width and length together and then divide by 5000, the answer is the amount in Kg that you require.

Of course, the above calculations are approximate, as peoples arms differ in size and tension, which can affect the finished size, but in our experience, it works out about right.


How Much Arm Knitting Yarn to Buy

As a guide, for arm knitted blankets, we suggest:

1 kg is approx. 50 metres long.
1 stitch is approximately 2 inches (5 cm).

1kg will knit to approx. ½ square metre arm knitted blanket. Although this may vary dependent on tension and needle size.

Arm Knitted Blanket 30 x 50 inches — (70 cm x 145 cm ) approx. 2 kg
Arm Knitted Blanket 48 x 48 inches — (120 cm x 120 cm ) approx. 3 kg
Arm Knitted Blanket 58 x 58 inches — (145 cm x 145 cm ) approx. 4 kg
Arm Knitted Blanket 64 x 80 inches — (160 cm x 200 cm ) approx. 6 kg


Work Out How Much You Need For Your Exact Arm Knitted Blanket Measurements

Multiply each side together. Divide by 5000. Result is kg.

100 cm x 100 cm = 10000 sq cm / 5000 = 2 kg


Our Arm Knitting Yarns for Chunky Knit Blankets

arm knitted blanket with arm knitting yarn balls

Mammoth Vegan Acrylic – Arm Knitting Yarn

arm knitted blanket in lilac and mint stripe design and arm knitted cushion

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Mammoth Vegan Acrylic Arm Knitting Yarn

MAMMOTH® is our most popular arm knitting yarn.

A super bulky unspun acrylic chunky yarn for use with giant needles, extreme knitting, arm knitting and creating mahoosive stitches for your arm knitted blankets. For the best results we recommend to knit on 40mm needles or using arm knitting techniques. This can be washed on a delicate cycle short spin, no tumble dry. Dry flat.



arm knitted blanket made with pure merino wool

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Giant merino yarn for arm knitted blankets

100% Pure Merino Arm Knitting Yarn

Super Chunky Giant 100% Merino Arm Knitting Yarn

Chunky merino wool is the most luxurious giant yarn you can buy, perfect if you are an experienced arm knitter or would like to make a super soft and warm arm knitted blankets. Woolly Mahoosive only sell 19.5 micron merino. This is much softer than the 23 micron most sell. If you want the softest merino, this is the one to buy. This yarn can be “arm knitted” or use giant knitting needles or crochet hooks, the recommended size is 40 to 50 mm.


A woven cotton outer tube with polyester filling, this arm knitting yarn is extra squidgy and holds structure when arm knitted into home accessories and can be knitted looser for an open weave giant blanket. We love this yarn as it is a quirky alternative to your usual arm knitted blankets.




Watch Our Video – How To Create Arm Knitted Blankets

We shot this quick and easy tutorial video to get you started with knitting your own arm knitted blankets. Click Here to watch On YOUTUBE

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Arm Knitted blanket


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