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Mahoosive! It is a real word.

People often ask me how I came up with the name Woolly Mahoosive, especially the Mahoosive part. After a little googling I am apparently a lot younger than I thought!  A news article from Dec 2014 states “well jel, man crush and mahoosive are likely to be meaningless to anyone born before 1990”. Well that knocks a few years off as I had already known of and used the word, mainly as I loved saying it.  It is one of my two favourite words the other being thixotropic. You will have to look that one up.

You can look up the word here Urban Dictionary  It means exceptionally big or huge. It’s highly probable that it’s derived from the word massive and the word huge. Errr probable, it defo is (me being down with the kids again).

Obviously Woolly comes from the yarn part, and Mahoosive describes exactly what type of yarn, huge massive super big etc. I also wanted the name to convey a younger more on trend impression. I think Mahoosive does this perfectly.

As part of my research for this blog, it was nice to see when entering Mahoosive into the search box that my webpage does in fact show up on the first page, after all the dictionary definitions. Clicking on images brings up lots of lovely mahoosive balls of Woolly Mahoosive giant merino and the mammoth yarns. So all in all, I still love the name I have chosen.



Ps If you like words see The Collins Dictionary


  1. Rachelle van der Poel

    Favorite word: Cosy☺❤
    When I think of a cosy night, it usually contains a cup of hot, steaming tea🍵 and a ball of yarn. When the days get shorter there is nothing better than an evening of crafting with some relaxing background music😊☺

  2. Autumn

    It is so nice to know that mahoosive is an actual word! I was one of those people that didn’t know that it meant anything, and I am so glad I know now.

    My favorite word is Empathy.
    I have lived my whole life understanding and sharing feelings of others, and I feel that it is the answer to tumultuous relationships through the world. If we all felt what each other feel, and truly understood and shared those feelings, there would be no conflict. So it is my favorite word because it is both definitive of me as well as a challenge for me to live life empathetically.

  3. Jo

    I knew mahoosive existed, I love language and word play. In trying to find a catchy name for my own project I had many options, but Woolbeing just fit.
    It is my absolute favourite word, with a close second being crochet!

  4. Biba

    Well, it s not an easily question. I love some words in different language because of how they sound but if I have to think about the meaning I probably say cat, not because they are cuttest animals but 8 years ago I had a terrible day and lost my father but the day after I found my cat, he is not the more beautiful, the nicer or anything else but he gave me back my smile and makes all day even worses, always better so yeah probably cat.
    By the way I really like how you choose the word mahoosive 😉

  5. littlemarubi

    I always assumed mahoosive was "massive" with some happy exclamation stuffed into it, I guess I was half right! 🙂
    My favourite word is purpose. I feel like saying it is so nice, when it rolls smoothly off the tongue and into the world. Saying it is almost as satisfying as having it-the purpose to something, not necessarily your entire life, but to actions and things.

  6. Laurie

    My favourite word is Fortuna. It’s not one I use every day but it’s Latin for Luck, and it resonates with me as I feel very lucky to have such great family and friends. It sounds cheesy but it’s something so easily taken for granted. We also have a family tradition of toasting for luck with a drink. This year, at the grand old age of 40, I got my first tattoo to celebrate (mid-life crisis perhaps ha ha): fortuna. Because we make our own luck in life. Hopefully we’ll all get a mahoosive amount ☺️

  7. Annie

    My favourite word comes from my time spent living in Denmark, Hyggelig, which is a derision of the word Hygge. Hygge and Hyggelig has no really translation into English but the closest we can get is a cosiness between friends. I love the connotations of this word and what it encompasses, which could be anything from a coffee with a friend to a cosy night in with a bottle of wine. For Hygge to strive, all you need are good intentions, which last year inspired me to establish my own little enterprise, Hyggelig for the Homeless. I knitted and crocheted as many scarves and hats as my inexperienced self could, and donated them to my local homeless shelter. All the scarves had to be warm and most importantly have a pop of colour in the hope that these people would no longer go unnoticed. Hygge can exist between friends but also between strangers, as an act of kindness or comfort. So as well as the word being lovely to say (hoo-ga/hoo-ga-lee) for me, it has the best meaning and consequence.

    I have an instagram called Hyggelig London, and a blog coming soon, which encompasses all things woollen and Hygge, feel free to stop by, I love visitors!

    Annie X.

  8. Tiff jordan

    My favourite word is ‘stumpy’ because it’s a cute word and fun to say!!


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