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Macramé for Mother’s Day | Beginners Macrame Plant Hanger Kit | Macrame and Crochet Cords | Recycled Cotton Cord 5-20mm

macrame plant hanger 5mm cotton cord

Macrame Plant Hangers | Made Using Our 5mm Recycled Cotton Cord | Click Image To View Craft Kit

A New Twist on a Classic ‘go-to’ Present

I don’t know about you, but when Mother’s day comes around, my thoughts automatically jump to a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. A little bit unoriginal, but often Mothers are a tricky bunch to buy for. What to get the lady who has everything?

Spring is just around the corner and flowers or plants brighten anyone’s day, and we all need a bit of that at the moment! (Currently in Lockdown 3.0, hoping the end is in sight!) Plus, everyone is going houseplant mad at the moment! Possibly increased by the fact that most of us are staring at the same walls day in day out, a bit of greenery and colour is good for our mental health.

So at Team Woolly, we thought we would blog about our make your own DIY Plant Hanger Kit and Macramé Cotton Cords, as creating a plant hanger to go with aforementioned standard issue Mother’s Day potted plant would bring a new modern twist on a tried and tested classic whilst keeping your idle hands busy too!

beginners macrame plant hanger kit

Beginners Macrame Plant Hanger Kit – Complete with 5mm Cord and Instructions

Never tried Macramé before?

Not to worry, we have a kit for that! Our Macramé Plant Hanger Kit, has everything you need to create not one, not two but FOUR plant hangers; so you can make one for mum, or gran, or sis, or that amazingly strong mama friend that is at home with the kids and needs a little perking up? Or maybe one for your own home. Don’t forget yourself.

The kit includes a roll of our Organic Cotton 5mm 4 Ply Twisted Cord (you can choose from 11 colours), and full instructions with pictures. If you learn best from videos, it may also help to have a look at some on YouTube to get the basics in place and then there’ll be no stopping you. Macramé up a storm! You will be addicted!


If you are confident you can get to grips with it, then maybe go straight for the cord you’d like to try. Our cords are recycled cotton, which is a big plus for the environment too.

We stock 5mm 4 ply, 10mm 3 ply and 20mm Giant Cord


5mm Macramé And Crochet Cord, Recycled Cotton

Click Image To See Full Colour Range

5mm Macrame and Crochet Cord

Our 5mm 4 ply twisted cord is made from organic cotton; softer than your average cord, it is also great for crochet projects.

Each roll is 100 metres long. As a guide, an average sized plant hanger will use less than 250 metres.

Available in 11 colours. Mix and match to your favourite combinations. (See below for images)




Extremely Chunky Macramé Cord

Click Image To See Full Colour Range of 10mm Cord

10mm Macrame and Crochet Cord

Our 10mm Macramé cord is perfect to create that super chunky look. This is a 3 ply twisted recycled cotton cord with ends that can be frayed to finish off the bottom of a plant hanger.

There is 23 metres on a roll. As a guide, one roll will typically make one plant hanger.

Can also be crocheted using fingers or a 25 mm hook. Other project ideas include making nests of different sized storage baskets. (See below for images)




Giant Chunky Macramé Plant Hanger Kit

Giant Chunky Macrame Plant Hanger Kit for Beginners

Giant Chunky Macramé Plant Hanger Kit | 10mm Rope 

For a chunkier macrame plant hanger, we have this kit featuring the 10mm rope cord. A great idea for outdoor planters and hanging baskets to style up your garden patio this summer.

contents of the giant chunky macrame plant hanger kit

Kit Contents – Giant Chunky Macrame Plant Hanger Kit







20mm Giant Macramé, Craft Or Crochet Rope, Recycled Cotton

20mm Super Chunky Rope Cord

20mm Chunky Rope

Our Giant Macramé Rope, really lives up to its name. At 20 mm thick, this is the giant of all giants. Made from recycled cotton, It is also soft to the touch, unlike normal rope.

Each ball weighs 2.5 kg and is approx. 20 metres long. It works really well for any chunky giant macramé, crafts, even finger/ hand crochet or again making storage baskets with a nautical style. (Images below)

So give it a go and don’t forget to let us know how you get on! Tag us on Instagram @woollymahoosive

We absolutely love finding out what crafting you’ve been up to with our extremely chunky yarns; whether trying out our DIY Make Your Own Kits or having a go at arm knitting with our Mammoth – we regularly share your pictures on our social media.

macrame fot mother's day plant hanger


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