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The Ultimate Potted Guide to Mastering Arm Knitting – How to Create Gorgeous Chunky Knits with your Arms

Arm Knitting at Home, Teach Yourself with our Potted Guide.

Are you interested in arm knitting but not sure where to start? Our quick and easy guide will help you master the art and finish your project in one evening.

What is the Best Yarn to Buy for Arm Knitting?

We highly recommend using our Mammoth giant yarn for Arm knitting. It is extremely thick and perfect to use with your arms. The Mammoth Yarn is made from acrylic, which makes it much cheaper than its Merino equivalent, and it can also be washed easily.

With over 25 colours available, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can also try arm knitting with our Twisty Twisty and 3 cm Chenille yarn. This will create a more open weave, but both yarns are washable and always loved by children who enjoy snuggling up with a cosy blanket on the sofa.

If you’re looking for stuffed yarn, both our Get Stuffed and Get Stuffed Two options are suitable for arm knitting. However, Get Stuffed Two will create a more open weave.

 How Much Yarn Do I Need?

If you are planning to try arm knitting blanket using our Mammoth yarn, then you should typically use 2kg of yarn. This amount of yarn can create a blanket that is roughly 145cm x 75cm. However, the actual size of the blanket will depend on the size of your arms and the tension you apply. In the UK, Arm knitting workshops use this amount of yarn, and you can see pictures of these workshops on Instagram.

For Twisty Twisty yarn, we recommend that you use at least 4 balls, each weighing 500 grams. If you are using Chenille yarn that is 3cm thick, then we recommend using approximately 6 balls.

If you are using Get Stuffed yarn, then you should use at least 2kg of yarn.

Please note that all the above amounts are recommended for arm knitting. If you are using needles, then you will require at least 50% more yarn, and possibly double the amount depending on the needle size.

4. Do You Have Any Tutorials?

We send guidance notes with our mammoth yarn, but if you want to watch some short videos  on our blog, or on our small YouTube channel has some videos. on Arm Knitting, and Floor knitting.


5. How Do I Care for My Arm Knitted Blanket?

With all the yarns we suggest above they can all be machine washed on a gentle cycle.  Preferably a 30 degree short wash and a gentle spin. You can dry flat or over a rack near to a radiator.  Please make sure larger blankets are supported so they do not stretch.

For Mammoth, you can pull of any piling or balling quite vigorously.   Please see our Blog, regarding our Mammoth Dog basket here, for further info.

6. Can I Get Any Discounts on Arm Knitting Yarn?

Please sign up for our newsletters so that you never miss any offers or deals we may have.   By signing up for an account you can also collect our reward points, which we think are very generous.  You can even get points just for signing up. Please add your date of birth for points on your birthday.

7. How Quickly Do You Deliver Arm Knitting Yarn?

We offer Standard shipping of 3 to 4 days, or you can upgrade for a small amount to DPD next working day delivery. We aim to dispatch orders placed before 2pm. the same day, but at busy periods, this may take a little longer. ( we officially state 1 to 2 days to despatch) but we are known for very fast delivery, Please note, this relates to UK mainland delivery.

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