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Team Woolly’s #PetPawsitivity This National Pet Month | Easy Arm Knit Dog Blanket | Crochet Project for Pet | Knitted Dog Basket

Team Woolly’s #PetPawsitivity This National Pet Month| Arm Knit Dog Blanket | Crochet Project for Pet | Knitted Dog Basket

Here at Woolly, we are pet lovers through and through; when Andrea brings her little dog Alice to visit the office, everyone is practically giddy with excitement. It’s lovely to have her pottering about in the office getting up to mischief. Here’s Alice (our go-to model, product testing specialist and social media influencer!) enjoying a variety of beds, baskets and arm knit dog blankets made with Woolly Mahoosive yarns.

Baby Alice Snoozing In Her Crochet Basket | Made From Giant Smooth Ribbon Yarn

Finger Knit / Crochet Or Use 25mm Needles / Hook

Smooth Ribbon Yarn

This was a hit with young puppy Alice. At an early age, she discovered she liked the finer things in life, so the super smooth luxurious feel of our giant smooth ribbon yarn for this crochet pet bed was the perfect starter bed for her highness. Featured in Cerise, there is a wonderful range of colours: Take a look HERE.

The giant smooth ribbon yarn would also work well for an arm knit dog blanket or mat.






Alice Gives The Merino Yarn Two Paws Up For Comfort! | Made Using Our Giant Pure Merino Arm Knitting Yarn


When Your Dog Matches Your Arm Knitted Blanket | Made Using Our Superfine Giant Merino

Superfine Pure Merino Arm Knitting Yarn 

For those winter months, Merino is a great choice for keeping pets warm and snuggly with an arm knit dog blanket or crochet pet basket. Merino is also temperature regulating, moisture wicking and naturally antibacterial, so that ticks many a box for a pet bed.

Again, Alice approves of the Merino and immediately hopped up onto our props to test them out for herself. There she remained warm and cosy for the rest of her work day.





Finger Knitted Using Get Stuffed Arm Knitting Yarn

Get Stuffed Tube Arm Knitting Yarn


Alice Tests Out The Squiggly Chunky Yarn Dog Bed

Squiggly Yarn – Knit or Crochet with 15mm Needles or Hook

Chunky Yarn

Squiggly Chunky Yarn – Available in Grey, Cream, Mint and Pink

Squiggly Chunky Yarn

A soft acrylic / polyester blend super chunky yarn.

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle, slow spin and cool cycle, dry flat, no tumble dry






National Pet Month Logo, Click to Visit Their Website for Advice about Responsible Pet Ownership.

It goes without saying that this past year has been tough for everyone; and more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of our pets. They offer us companionship and love, a sense of care, purpose and responsibility and lots of fun and happy memories. In return, of course we should do our complete best to look after them.

This month in the UK, is National Pet Month. A time to join together in spreading the word on responsible pet ownership, sharing ideas on effective caring for your pets and to generally celebrate how much they mean to us and the benefits for both the pet and ourselves.

Also, it’s a great time, if you are able to, to support animal welfare charities and thank the amazing hard work of veterinarians and animal volunteers who have continued to care for our furry friends in exceptional circumstances throughout the pandemic.

The National Pet Month is running from 1st April to 3rd May 2021, and is organised in association with PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) and NOAH (National Office of Animal Health).

There is a plethora of useful information and guides for caring for our pets on Latest News and Blog (nationalpetmonth.org.uk) .

Being Inspired By Our Furry Companions

At Woolly, we felt very inspired by the heart warming stories on the National Pet Month blog under the campaign #PetPawsitivity and wanted to also share our messages of pet appreciation from Team Woolly Mahoosive HQ and friends.

Molly and Lucy are like my little rocks, they are so loyal and loving. They are comfort for me when I’m on my own and are like my little best friends. I could not be without my dogs for lots of reasons, one is the beautiful walks they take ME on! It is such a joy seeing them so happy out in the open space running free. It really helps me mentally too. They are amazing with the kids and are always by our sides; they are not just dogs, they are part of the family and bring us so much fun and laughter with their unique characters. And when you are having a bad day, they give the best snuggles!

Here’s Molly (Jack Russel Cross) relaxing in her pet bed (she is 10 years old!), made using Chenille super chunky yarn from Woolly Mahoosive. She absolutely loves it, and Lucy (Labrador, 3 years old) likes to try to fit in it too! I’m going to have to crochet another bigger bed aren’t I!? Or I could make an arm knit dog blanket for Lucy instead as she is so big!

**We have some Teal Chenille, used in Molly’s bed (and other colours) in our Clearance yarns, be quick to order yours, as when it is gone, it is gone!**

Laura – Marketing Assistant for Team Woolly and Freelance Illustrator

Growing up, we always had dogs in the house, mad as you like Springer Spaniels so I’m a crazy dog person for life! Although, I haven’t had the opportunity to own a dog of my own yet (My 4 year old daughter is challenging enough!) However, working from home for the majority of this year and hardly leaving the house started to take it’s toll mentally, as it has for so many. I started to help out a friend (and fellow Woolly colleague Katie) by taking her dogs for walkies on a day she was working. It got me out being more active and it has been incredibly enjoyable and mood lifting to watch the girls (Molly and Lucy – Above) race about in the countryside; getting to know their characters as they also start to get to know me more and respond to my calls. It’s been so lovely to form that bond and has brought so much #PetPawsitivity to my life.


Dee Dee Enjoys Laying By The Fire On Her Felted Merino Rug

Sarah Hides Treats For Dee To Sniff Out In The Knitting | She Loves This Game!

Sarah from The Magpie’s Cabinet & Friend of Team Woolly

Martyna – Team Woolly

This is Brego, our almost 2 year old Giant Schnauzer!

We’re definitely dog people and could never imagine leaving without our furry friend! However, we never expected how much our dog would help us during the global pandemic. He’s been there to keep us entertained and make us laugh so hard that our bellies ached! He has kept us fit as he needs a lot of walks, I mean ALOT! He made being stuck at home bearable and we can’t imagine not having him in our lives. I’d like to have a go at making an arm knit dog blanket for Brego, but I’m not sure my arms are long enough to make one to fit him!

Martyna also loves Macrame and you can see her amazing creations here:  MacrameGal (@macramegal) • Instagram photos and videos



We would love to hear about your #PetPawsitivity stories and see anything you have made for your pet. Please share it with us on Instagram. @WoollyMahoosive


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