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The Ultimate Wet and Needle Felting Kit


The Ultimate Wet and Needle felting kit.

Do you like trying new crafts, but not know where to start
Our Ultimate Wet & Needle felting starter kit, is fantastic to enable you to try this ancient craft, which has origins going back thousands of years.
With this kit, you can learn how to wet felt, and produce a felted bowl, which is totally individual to you. You can also try your hand at Needle felting, and even combine both methods to create an item.

For adults and children over 12, with supervision

Product Information

The Ultimate Wet and Needle Felting Kit contains everything you need, barring a few common household objects, such as a washing-up bowl and a towel.


250 grams of 19.5-micron merino wool in various colours
A bag of bits, which will contain enough merino and other wool variations, to make your item as individual and as creative as you wish
50 grams of acrylic fibres in various colours to needle-felt
A massaging tool to help felt the wet felting process
Needle felting pads
A container with 4 felting needles in 2 different sizes
A spray bottle to aid the wet felting process
A sheet of bubble wrap. 75cm x 100 cm
A sheet of netting for wet felting
4 balloons to create your bowl shape
A resist for wet felting
Olive oil soap
2 shapes to create needle felting.
Full and comprehensive instructions with photographs
NB  Shrinkage withing the wet felting process, is totally normal. You can expect a finished piece to be anywhere between 25% and 50%, smaller than at the start of the process.
To create a bowl.
We advise using your sink draining board and a bowl with a quarter full of hand hot water.
Inflate a balloon to its natural size.  Do not overinflate.

Please note. Actual product may vary in colour and variety from the pictures shown.