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“Get Stuffed” Stuffed Tube Yarn | 0.5KG – 10KG Dan’s Choice.


“Get Stuffed” Stuffed Tube Yarn

Fantastically robust, cotton tube with a polyester stuffing.

Arm knit or floor knit, or use 40 to 50mm needles.

A great evening project.

Great for children’s and pet products.

Washes well and dries quickly.

Product Information

Machine washable, cool wash short slow spin. Dry flat pull to shape.

100 % polyester. Vegan.

2.5 cm thick

In Mushroom Pink and Dove grey.

How much do I need

2 kg makes a double bed runner.

2 kg square blanket approx 105 cm x 105 cm

10 kg makes approx 235 cm x 235 cm