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La La La Let Me Explain – New Book

La La La Let Me Explain

We love Layla. A thirty-something mother of one with an absolutely no way, no how, no nonsense approach to dating and relationships. Her refreshingly real and honest blog (Link Here) announces the tag line “Bad Dates, Good Stories, Naked Truths (names have been changed to protect the guilty)”, which says it all.

Layla’s stories are completely honest accounts of her experiences, told in a no-holds-barred and often hilarious style. Her readers have found truly relatable content, inspiring them to build confidence through this supportive community and know that they deserve much much more from their relationships.

Layla’s career led her into the Psychology, Counselling, Sexual Health, and Sociology sectors, helping people develop the self-love and self-esteem needed to work through, leave or avoid all together toxic and dysfunctional relationships. However, as her blog explains, these negative patterns of behaviour are extremely tough to break out of and she admits that she has found it difficult to take her own advice. Until now!

Our Limited Edition Needle Felting Lips Kit

We were delighted to create a La La La inspired mini kit to give out to press to promote her new book at her launch; featuring our MAMMOTH® Yarn in red. This extremely chunky yarn is great for arm knitting to create blankets with oversized stitches or projects using giant knitting needles. If you have a little left over Mammoth from your next project, give these little lips a try!


BLOG: La,la,la, let me explain Bad Dates, Good Stories, Naked Truths (names have been changed to protect the guilty) (lalalaletmeexplain.com)

INSTAGRAM: Lalalaletmeexplain (@lalalaletmeexplain) • Instagram photos and videos

With her blog going from strength to strength and her Instagram building up a mega following of like minded individuals, at last her first book is born! Named “Block, Delete, Move On – It’s Not You, It’s Them.” Available for pre-order now, release date: February 10th:

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La La La Let Me Explain


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