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Getting Started with Arm Knitting | One Woman Setting Up Shop | How Woolly Mahoosive Began

So here I am, 9 months from launching Woollymahoosive.com and frankly, I am exhausted. Never in a million years did I think that a newly launched website would take off the way it has.

The phrases “Chief cook and bottle washer”, “Jack of all trades” and “meeting myself coming back” all spring to mind. 15 hours a day 7 days a week I seem to be living and breathing Woolly Mahoosive. But I’m loving it!

The time has finally arrived when I jump out of bed in the morning (well not quite jump) excited about the day ahead.  Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses. Suppliers not delivering on time, don’t get me started, Banks losing payments to suppliers and courier companies, another one never to get me started on, losing parcels.  I do sometimes, answer questions from customers at 2 am! The beauty of smartphones is oh not so beautiful in the middle of the night. But on the other hand, I received unsolicited emails from people, just to tell me they love my shop! How fab is that? Customers ordering repeatedly, and fabulous messages from customers thanking me for their order. And I do love it when customers send me pictures of their makes.

So it is now Autumn, hasn’t it come around quickly, but never mind we have Poldark this evening. We have tonnes of stock of giant yarn arriving and when I say tonnes I mean tonnes.  By early October we are expecting a mahoosive delivery, 3500 kg of giant yarn!  Which brings me to where we are going to put it all.  For all you thinking your yarn cupboard is about to burst, you haven’t seen my house!  Which is the reason the builders are in.

Builders have enough stress in themselves but they have a deadline to achieve. My new warehouse converted from an old outbuilding, which was full of trash, is now skipped and will relieve my yarn-stashed home in its shiny new interior.

Check in to see the new warehouse all pretty and clean, and full of giant yarn around the beginning of October, or not if the builder fails!


Getting Started with Arm Knitting


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