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Crochet A Scarf by Sarah Shrimpton


Did you know we do ready made knitting and crochet kits with everything you need to create, knit or crochet your own craft projects with chunky yarns, giant knitting needles and jumbo crochet hooks?

Whether a oversized blanket, super easy chunky knit scarf, chunky knitted hat, crochet shopper bag, knitted lampshade cover, other chunky yarn accessories and home wall décor ideas; there is something for everyone at all levels of their chunky yarn journeys. See our all our knitting and crochet kits here.

The kit I am focusing on today is the beautiful Squiggly scarf designed by Sarah Shrimpton of Annaboo’s House. We’ve sampled this in Pink but you could also choose between Squiggly cream, mint and grey.

The chunky scarf is made with our Squiggly yarn which has a lovely soft feel to this thick yarn and knits extremely fast with around 100 grams knitting approx. 2o metres.

I recently had a go at chunky crocheting this scarf, following the pattern provided in the make your own crochet chunky scarf kit, which also included the giant wooden crochet hook – 25mm and 500 grams of the super chunky Squiggly yarn.

I must say I found it extremely easy to follow this pattern. I have made a few crochet items before hand, have learned the basic crochet stitches and how to follow patterns, but I would still class myself as a beginner. Wondering whether this chunky crochet pattern would be suitable for beginners like me, I decided to give it a go (as there is always videos online to re-fresh my stitch knowledge!) It is a very straight forward chunky crochet pattern and I was able to complete my project with the chunky yarn very quickly.

The chunky scarf looks great, I love how the ends taper and you can choose to add your own handmade pom pom to the ends if you know how and have any spare yarn. I recommend trying out chunky crochet for yourself, with this complete crochet kit and included pattern, being a great place to start.

Let us know how you find “Making It Chunky!” #makeitmahoosive

Crochet a scarf by sarah shrimpton


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