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Arm Knitted Blanket | Chunky Knit Chevron Blanket | Free Arm Knitting Pattern | 2KG Mammoth Yarn

Arm Knitted Blanket | Chunky Knit Chevron Blanket | Free Arm Knitting Pattern

We’ve been loving all the 70’s vibe home interior trends popping up at the moment: mid-century furniture, modern retro aesthetics and nostalgic revival styling. We particularly like the pinks and oranges within the colour palettes and the geometrics, and that has got us thinking: why haven’t we arm knitted a pattern into our chunky blankets yet? Well, there’s a first time for everything!

arm knitted stripe blanket using 1 kilogram of mint Mammoth yarn and 1 kilogram of lilac mammoth yarnSTART WITH A SIMPLE STRIPE

To ease ourselves in, we started off with a basic stripe arm knitted blanket, two colours of our Mammoth® giant acrylic yarn, 1kg lilac (a new colour for 2022!) and 1kg mint – we kept it simple, cast on 14 stitches, arm knit two rows of one colour, change yarn, and then two rows of the second colour and so forth. Here’s our results: a blanket that measures approx. 140 cm x 75 cm. We love it, those colours are so uplifting and spring feeling.

mint coloured mammoth arm knitting yarn, 1 kilogram balllilac coloured mammoth arm knitting yarn, 1 kilogram ball



We were ready for something a little more mind boggling! This arm knitted blanket pattern is definitely for a more experienced arm knitter rather than a beginner as you will be changing yarn colours VERY frequently (every 1-3 stitches!)

But my goodness it was worth it! Just look at it and all its beauty…

Plus, the changing of yarn so often made for a surprising reverse, one which we love just as much.

We think this would look amazing, not just as a chunky statement arm knitted blanket but as a chunky yarn wall hanging. It belongs in a gallery we think!



Simply flip it over and the chevrons disappear, revealing an abstract design to the arm knitted blanket. To get this effect, simply trim and fluff the yarn.









You’ll need: 2 x colours of Mammoth® yarn, we chose our New Mustard and Bright Pink, but it is totally your choice of course. We can’t wait to see your combinations.
Follow the arm knitted blanket pattern from top left, noting each ‘V’ shape is one stitch as shown on the diagram.> Casting on: you have to start straight away with the colour changing when you cast on: There’s 13 stitches (It must be an odd number to get the chevron point to run down the middle of your arm knitting)

CAST ON (ROW 1): start with COLOUR1 (orange), knit one stitch, change to COLOUR2 (pink), knit 2 stitches, change to COLOUR1 knit one stitch, change to COLOUR2 knit 2 stitches, etc. to the end of the row.

> MAHOOSIVE HINT: For this arm knitted blanket pattern, you can follow it from left to right for each row, or at the end of each row, look underneath and follow back from right to left. The pattern is symmetrical so whatever you find easiest

> There’s 17 rows in total.
> MAHOOSIVE HINT: It can be a little tricky to change yarn colours, don’t worry about leaving a bit of a tail (as your arms will be literally tied up so to cut the yarn close to the knot when you change colours is pretty impossible. Leave a tail on both colours and you will get the lovely alternative mega fluffy reverse! You can trim after as desired.)
>MAHOOSIVE HINT: You may need to shut yourself in a quiet room alone, void of any distractions including children, pets and partners.

Good luck! If you give it a try, show us your creation and tag us on Instagram @woollymahoosive
and #makeitmahoosive

arm knitted blanket pattern, chevron arm knit blanket made using bright pink and mustard Mammoth yarn


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