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Extremely Chunky Yarn & Crafts

Snuggle and Squish Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Lancashire

I’m Adrienne, the face behind Snuggle and Squish. You can often find me knee-deep in fluffy
yarn, running cosy creative workshops that specialise in giant chunky knits.
My journey into the world of crafting began during my maternity leave from my teaching
career. It was a happy accident that led me to discover the joy of arm knitting and other
crafts. I never could have imagined how much happiness and fulfilment it would bring me to
teach others these skills. Every stitch and every smile along the way has been a reminder of
just how lucky I am to do what I love.
I run Snuggle and Squish workshops almost every weekend all over the north of England. You can usually find
me in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire. Adrienne.
Tel. 07710 600 412


Snuggle and squish