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Chunky Yarn. Simplify Your Beginners Knitting Journey: Discover the Magic of our Twisty Twisty 500 gram Skeins..



Chunky Yarn and beginners.


Chunky yarnSuper Chunky 3 Ply YarnSuper Chunky 3 Ply YarnSuper Chunky 3 Ply YarnSuper Chunky 3 Ply Yarn


Embarking on your knitting journey with Twisty Twisty’s Chunky Yarn. This super chunky 3-ply yarn is perfect for creating cozy blankets or bed runners with that sought-after oversized stitch look. It’s available in 500-gram skeins and comes in a 5 colours to inspire your creativity1.
 Select a colour of Twisty Twisty Chunky yarn or use a combination of colours.
chunky yarn blanket

Arm knitting with Twisty Twisty


Gather Your Tools: You’ll need a 25mm to 40mm needle or hook for crochet. Or you can arm knit for a looser open weave. Floor knitting is also an option as you can control the stitch length.  We do have video help for this.
Begin with a simple project like a scarf to get the hang of working with chunky yarn, or a cowl, which is super fast, if you only have an hour or so spare.   You can use the most basic of stitches, as this chunky yarn speaks for itself. and produces a lovely texture all by itself. The same is true for a blanket, depending on the amount of chunky yarn you use, this can be completed from under an hour to a whole evening.  No getting bored and sticking a half finished project in the back of a cupboard.
Enjoy the Process: Take your time watching how quickly your project will grow, and the beautiful texture from such a simple process.  The key to a successful knitting journey is patience and practice. But not with this chunky yarn beauty.  If you can do basic knitting, you can complete this, and its so simple that distractions will not throw you off. You can have a finished project on the same day as you started it.
chunky yarn

Needle knitting with Twisty Twisty

1x 500 gram skein is enough to make a cowl, dependant on the stitch and tension.

2x 500 grams is great for a scarf, again dependant ton the tension and stitch.

3 x 500 grams is fantastic for a blanket.

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