Mammoth arm knitting blanket yarn. 10 kg bale. 20 colours.

Mammoth arm knitting blanket yarn. 10 kg bale. 20 colours.


10 kg bale of Mammoth yarn.

Super bulky and chunky for giant needle knitting and arm knitting. Create your own chunky knit blankets.

This listing is for a 10 kg bale of Mammoth, 
Mammoth giant chunky yarn.
Un spun acrylic yarn for blankets scarves etc
Massive stitch yarn.
Knit on 40 mm needles or Arm Knit.
1 kg is approx 50 meters long.
1 stitch is 2 inches  (5 cm ) long on 40 mm needles

Fantastic for super fast results.  A scarf can be arm knitted in 20 to 30 minutes a blanket in a few hours.

1 kg  will knit to approx ½ square meter. Although this may vary dependent on tension and needle size.

Can be washed on a delicate cycle short spin no tumble dry. Dry flat.

For chunky knitted blankets and yarn requirements see below

Blanket 30 x 50 inches   —   (75 cm x 125 cm )     approx 2 kg
Blanket 48 x 48 inches   —   (120 cm x 120 cm )  approx 3 kg
Blanket 58 x 58 inches   —   (148 cm x 148 cm )   approx 4 kg
Blanket 64 x 80 inches   —   (160 cm x 200 cm )   approx 6 kg

How to work out how much yarn you need.

Multiply  each side together.   Divide by 5000.  Result is kg
100 cm  x 100 cm   =  10000 sq cm  / 5000   = 2 kg

Please note the very centre of the bale maybe slightly crimped due to compression.

The price reflects this at 13.50 per kg.

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Do you know what is better than a store-bought blanket? A blanket made from giant yarn!  With our super chunky mammoth 10Kg bales you can create a soft and cosy blanket simply by arm knitting it. These chunky knit blankets make great gifts for friends and family, or you can make one and gift it to yourself!

Once you have mastered the art of arm knitting you will be creating blankets, rugs and scarfs in no time at all.

Our mammoth 10 Kg bales come in a variety of colours, so you can pick your favourite colour or a colour that complements your décor.