The Warehouse move and beyond.

bright pink 1kg mammoth crochet giant yarn.jpg


You may know if you follow on Instagram and Facebook,that a few weeks ago, we moved into a our new Woolly Mahoosive HQ warehouse.  Besides it taking 2 days to move everything instead of one day and getting a speeding ticket, ( my first for 10 years) it all went reasonably well. 

We are still unpacking, and building more shelves.  Our ground floor is full to bursting with a new 32 tonne order of mammoth yarn. ( see the new colours below) This arrived just a week after our move, and 2 days earlier than expected, and with 2 staff off.  Oh the stress!

The new warehouse gives us a much bigger order packing room, a separate office, a large mezzanine floor, a photography room and a huge workshop room. ( this is the posh room). The workshop room is decorated and we are waiting for some finishing touches. Such as an amazing matt glass splash back in the kitchen area, and some big old chunky, like our yarn, tables.

We hope to start workshops before next Autumn, we will advertise these on Facebook and Instagram.  These will be using our Mammoth giant yarn and will be arm knitted for any one who wants to learn.

Bye bye for now.  Ill be back soon with updated pictures once the "posh" room is finished.