"Get Stuffed"

Hey it’s not a command or an insult, it’s the name of our new stuffed yarn.

We have been waiting for this a long while, and I have to say I am super excited about it.

This is super chunky and great for arm knitting, Its washable and no piling or shedding, so brilliant for interior items with heavy use. It machine washes at 30 degrees and I have tumbled it and it comes out looking like new.

In two colours, Dove grey and Mushroom pink, our 2 most popular colours in our Mammoth range. The Mushroom looks particularly nice with the Grey interiors movement on Instagram at the moment. Take a look at Rosie Lovelocks Instagram account , Rosie is hilarious, her stories are a must, and Lauren’s Instagram Our self build home. Lauren has some gorgeous pictures of our mammoth in Mushroom pink. She used a 4 kg ball and knitted on the floor rather than her arms. You can achieve a similar look with the “ Get stuffed” and give it some mega heavy use.

If you have never arm knitted before its super easy. If you can do basic knitting and haven’t knitted for 40 years, you can pick it up in minutes. There are stacks of videos on YouTube . You can find “how to’s” on lots of different methods and items.

So if you are looking for giant yarn for arm knitting, you have a few choices. Our Merino, beautiful a luxury but delicate. Our Mammoth. A fabulous substitute for the more expensive merino but at a great have a go price. And now our “get stuffed” More expensive than mammoth, but long lasting, washable and it can be dragged around as much as you want! And frogging is no problem.

Knitting with giant wool is quick and easy , if you want to have a go and need some help, please message us at Knitwith@woollymahoosive.com, or find us on Instagram

Have fun.


One kg of “get stuffed”

One kg of “get stuffed”