Mahoosive! It is a real word.

People often ask me how I came up with the name Woolly Mahoosive, especially the Mahoosive part. After a little googling I am apparently a lot younger than I thought!  A news article from Dec 2014 states "well jel, man crush and mahoosive are likely to be meaningless to anyone born before 1990". Well that knocks a few years off as I had already known of and used the word, Mainly as I loved saying it.  It is one of my two favourite words the other being thixotropic. You will have to look that one up.

So at the end of December 2014 Mahoosive became a real word and was added to  It means exceptionally big or huge. It goes on to state probably derived from the word massive and the word huge. Errr probably, it defo is. ( me being down with the kids again).

Obviously Woolly comes from the yarn part, and Mahoosive describes exactly what type of yarn, huge massive super big etc. I also wanted the name to convey a younger more on trend impression. I think Mahoosive does this perfectly.

As part of my research for this blog, it was nice to see when entering Mahoosive into the search box that my webpage does in fact show up on the first page, after all the dictionary definitions. Clicking on images brings up lots of lovely mahoosive balls of Woolly Mahoosive giant merino and the mammoth yarns. So all in all, I still love the name I have chosen.



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