Woolly Mahoosive, the home of arm knitting, & chunky knit blanket supplies, evolved from a desire to find extremely chunky knitting yarn within the UK.

 Designed exclusively by Woolly Mahoosive these giant yarns are ideal for those wishing to complete a project in next to no time. Arm knitting being super quick. You can whip up a Chunky knit blanket in an evening. We supply a huge selection of Giant knitting needles and crochet hooks also.

We wanted to supply yarn for extreme giant knitting or crochet  for all to use.

Too often Giant yarn is  viewed as unaffordable and it is for this reason that we offer yarns at different price points. Mammoth being our acrylic version of giant Merino.

"Merino" .  Super soft luxury yarn and at 4 metres per 100 grams extremely chunky with a very light twist. This is 19.5 microns of softness. Ideal for arm Knitting and Chunky Knit Blankets.

" Mammoth".   Acrylic and extremely chunky at 5 to 6  metres per 100 g. So affordable  even the children can have a go.  Also suitable for Vegans

"Super Mahoosive Chenille"  We have 11 colours in our 3 cm thick,which is suitable for arm knitting, and 5 colours in our 2 cm.  Both are great for chunky knit blankets.

"Squiggly"  New  man made super chunky. At 20 metres per 100 grams, its still thick enough for s super fast knit, but a little more versatile than the thicker yarns.

"Wiggly"  A wool blend. 10 meters per 100 grams . Use 20 mm to 40 mm needles.

"Felted Merino" If you love giant yarn but want a yarn that is super tough but also soft, this is the yarn for you. Washable and will not shed.

Gone are the days of high postage, import taxes and a long wait for delivery. Now you can find near instant gratification with our giant yarn within the UK.  A blanket or scarf can be knitted or arm knitted within an evening not weeks!